Greece in its highest expression, the Cave of the Apocalypse, and the Monastery of St. John Theologos make the island the sixth religious destination in the world, but it is also rich in Byzantine culture.

Grotta di San Giovanni - Patmos Greece - Blu Patmos Village - Grecia
Skala Blu Patmos Village Grecia


The city of SKALA

It is the administrative and commercial center of Patmos. Its impressive port is home to many fishing boats as well as ferries and cruise ships.
The city is a vibrant center, in perfect contrast to the silent Hora. Inside there is the main square surrounded by cafes while all around there are some narrow streets with special and exclusive shops.



The island has a particular naturalistic aspect due to its volcanic origins that have given it strange rocky conformations and an interior rich in fertile valleys.

Isola di Patmos Greece - Blu Patmos Village - Grecia
Isole greche Blu Patmos Village Grecia



Patmos one of the most spectacular islands of the Dodecanese. Located to the northeast, it is surrounded by Leros, the Cyclades islands of Naxos and Mykonos.

The climate is exceptional with a very long summer, dry and warm where the temperatures easily exceed 35 ° but thanks to the constant and light wind, they are always comforting.


The SEA and the BEACHES

The most enchanting thing about Patmos are without a doubt the beaches.

Let’s start from Agriolivadi beach: this nice little beach is about 8 km from Chora and only three from Skala. It is a beach of sand and pebbles and around you can enjoy the shade of some plants that guarantee rest and tranquility during the hottest hours of the day.

One of the most popular beaches of Patmos is Kambos, a long and sandy coastline, equipped with all comforts.

Five kilometers from Skala is the beach of Grikos, the coast of the homonymous village. The beach has a part in pebbles and a part in sand and also has the usual frame of trees.

If you are looking for a “wild” beach, that of Livadi Geranou, is for you. A wild, sandy beach with the water of an intense blue, facing an island that can be reached by swimming.

Psili Ammos, is located 10 kilometers …

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Isola di Patmos Greece - Blu Patmos Village - Grecia
Tour dell'isola di Patmos Greece - Blu Patmos Village - Grecia
Hora Blu Patmos Village Grecia


The city of HORA

Hora 3 km from Skala, is beautiful and charming, has many shops, craft shops, taverns where you can find excellent Greek cuisine, local dishes and specialties and fresh fish.

It is built in Cycladic style with small houses interspersed with inner courtyards, tunnels and narrow alleys dipped in lime, all enclosed by the Medieval Fortress which coincides with the imposing Monastery.